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Copy & Paste. Replicate, Re-use and Re-appropriate (Book) / CeGe Lab (Built)Wearing Politics (Lecturing)Urban Ecologies (Curatorial)Poetic (Lecturing) / Non-homogenised Tomorrow (Lecturing) / A conversation with Jeremy Till (Scarcity Room) / CC House (Built) / Political Actions (Lecturing) / Blurred Lines (from Marxism to Schizophrenic Design) / Outsider [La Pesadilla de la Participación] (Published)Control (Design, Authoritarian Regime and the Modern Rhetoric, a Socio Political Engineering Affair) / Fogs, Sparkles & OutflowsDesign & Social ChangeArcheology of Trauma (Contemporary Art Project) / Usobook (Book - Ongoing)Protest & Contention (Discussing Design) / Piercing, Mapping, DisruptingAttached Housestwo homes, one for a cop, another one for a baker (Built) De Rojo a Pink (Las Secuelas del Posmodernismo) / Pensar l’impensable (Cedric Price)Drones y Botones (La Deshumanización de la Guerra) / Sentries (Archaeolgy of Surveillance) / Estado Crítico - Critical Condition (Published) / Patrones AgregativosGeo-Geo (Relación, Posición e Intensidad) / Self Sufficient Housing (Book) / Redes (Net-works-)Data ConstellationsMonographic (Book)Autodrom (Motorscapes) / ... 

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